V8-Powered Vehicle Options in 2023.

​If there’s one thing we have learned about American consumers is that they might not be ready for electric vehicles yet. However, many auto manufacturers are pushing hard to market those electric vehicles. We know that the infrastructure doesn’t exist yet, but we do know that consumers still want big, bold V8s. There are still a handful of them left in the marketplace that are truly amazing.

Ford continues to offer v8-powered vehicles to consumers. The F-150 Raptor R is one of the blue oval’s flagship off-road trucks, and a supercharged V8 powers it. In fact, it’s the brand’s most powerful pickup truck they have ever made. 700 horsepower with 37in Beadlock tires and a 0-60 time of a brisk 3.6 seconds says any adverse climate will not get in the way of this beast of a pickup truck. The absurd 5.2 liter takes air so feral that Ford had to reinforce the Raptor’s intake ductwork because the EcoBoost-spec plumbing was distorting under heavy throttle. Really the only problem? Finding one.

Earlier this year, at the New York auto show, Dodge Ram debuted its new electric truck, the Ram 1500 REV. Ram is looking to revolutionize the truck industry, but consumers still have the option to buy V8-power. If you’re in the market for “the fastest pickup truck in the world,” consider the Ram TRX with its supercharged V8.

There are still plenty of other V8-powered options as well. Chevrolet announced a Baja-inspired version of its Silverado called the ZR2 Bison edition. It’s designed to bolster off-road capability and comes standard with a 6.2-liter V8. Chevrolet says it’ll be available this year.

Big names like Landrover still give us the big petrol V8s to the market. The Defender 90 has 520 horsepower under the hood and comes with a massive V8. With massive power comes the need for massive wheels, wheels, and brakes. The land rover Defender 90 has 22” Continental tires and giant-size brake calipers to ensure the behemoth has enough stopping power.

Automakers are also working to offer EV versions of their legacy vehicles. And for the consumer, that means they have options when purchasing a new vehicle.

Pricing for cars like this can vary, but it’s safe to assume that a quick call to your accountant will be necessary.

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