Toy Hauler RVs: Rolling Family Fun Centers

© Forest River Family Fun Centers
Vacationing in America has changed. With the ongoing pandemic causing restrictions and concerns about safe travel, the RV has become a popular alternative to airplanes and hotels. To add extra excitement to trips, many families prefer bringing motorized toys along for the ride. The RVs of choice for adventure-fueled folks are called toy haulers — typically travel trailers or fifth wheels that incorporate an actual garage at the rear. These rigs haul dirt bikes, snowmobiles, ATVs — even kayaks. The following toy haulers — sorted by price — meet a wide range of needs for those who want to do more than sit and stare at a campfire.

© Sunset Park RV  Sunset Park RV Rush Toy Hauler 22FC
MSRP: $18,000 (est.)
GVWR: 7,000 lbs.
Sleeps: 2–4
Garage Length: 14’4”
Total Length: 22’ 0”
It may not be fancy, but the Rush Toy Hauler from Sunset Park RV offers all the basics for a camping trip with a few toys at an affordable price. The 22FC is the least expensive model in the Rush lineup, and the 14 feet of garage space doubles as living quarters with fold down sofas / beds. With a GVWR of 7,000 pounds, the Rush is one of the lighter options on this list.

© Sunset Park RV  Full Kitchen
Although most of the interior space is taken up by the garage, the Sunset Park RV Rush comes equipped with a kitchen featuring a double sink, a 2-burner stove, a refrigerator and a microwave oven. The Rush sleeps up to four people once their toys have been removed upon arrival at camp.

© Sunset Park RV  Cleaning Up
After a day of playing with toys, campers will appreciate the Rush’s full bathroom and shower — a welcome rejuvenation to get tired bodies ready for more fun, or a meal from the full kitchen, or a good night’s sleep.

© KZ Recreational Vehicles KZ Sportsmen Classic 190TH
MSRP: $18,576
GVWR: 5,000 lbs.
Sleeps: 3–4
Garage Length: 10 ft. 9 in.
Total Length: 22.5 ft.
An economical option among toy haulers, the Sportsmen Classic from KZ Recreational Vehicles provides ample storage for toys along with a quality living space. The garage is more than adequate for a couple of dirt bikes or kayaks, and the large rear ramp makes loading a breeze. The 190TH has additional pass-through exterior storage at the front of the trailer.

© KZ Recreational Vehicles Full Kitchen
Some might call the Sportsmen Classic “roughing it” compared to some of the swankier models coming up on this list, although this toy hauler comes with a full kitchen including a dual-burner stove, microwave, a large sink and an 8-cubic-foot refrigerator / freezer that runs on 12V power. The trailer also has plenty of storage for kitchenware and food. Next to the kitchen: a full bathroom with shower.

© KZ Recreational Vehicles Lounge Space
With toys parked outside, the Sportsmen Classic’s two flip-out sofas create a great lounge area — and the sofas fold out for additional sleeping quarters. Opening the 78-inch by 73.5-inch cargo door adds an airy, open feeling to the space. A 14-foot powered awning lets folks enjoy the outdoors while staying out of the weather.

© Genesis RV Genesis Supreme Overnighter
MSRP: $25,000 (est.)
GVWR: 8,200 lbs.
Sleeps: 2–4
Garage Length: 14.5 ft.
Total Length: 31.5 ft.
Genesis Supreme RV takes a different approach to the toy hauler, replacing the typical garage with an open-air cargo space. Multiple floor plans are available — depending on the layout, some offer a wide door directly to the cargo platform. Multiple tiedowns allow for all kinds of toys or other cargo to be hauled behind the living space.

© Genesis RV Quite Civilized
The Supreme Overnighter has a welcoming living space including a two-burner stove, a microwave, a sink and a refrigerator / freezer that runs on gas or electricity. A full bathroom with 40-inch tub / shower and a 6-gallon hot water heater makes trailering much more civilized. Depending on the Overnighter floorplan, families can relax on dual sofas, plan a day’s activities at the large dinette or get some much-needed sleep in the large bed with pillow-top mattress.

© Genesis RV Outside Lighting
Exterior lighting on the Overnighter provides visibility for working on toys day or night. An external electrical outlet and tool box are a nice bonus.

© Gulfstream Coach Gulf Stream GSX G28
MSRP: $32,613
Sleeps: 4–6
Garage Length: 11 ft. 4 in.
Total Length: 33 ft. 4 in.
Gulf Stream offers several GSX toy hauler variants, the largest of which is the G28. At 33 feet long, the GSX G28 offers an excellent mix of a large garage area with a roomy living space. The 8-foot ramp door can handle up to 3,000 pounds, and there are multiple tiedowns in the garage to keep loads from shifting. Once the toys get unpacked, two couches fold down for additional lounging or sleeping space.

MazdaMiataClubWhlnbspGood Living
The G28 features a slideout dinette that creates a spacious living area. The kitchen has a 3-burner gas cooktop with an oven, a large 10-cubic-foot refrigerator / freezer and a microwave. Air-conditioning, a gas furnace and a water heater are all standard, making the RV feel like home.

© Gulfstream Coach Makeshift Mudroom
Gulf Stream smartly located the full bathroom and shower between the garage and living space. By doing this, people can enter the unit to use the bathroom without tracking dirt into the main living area. And at the end of the day, everyone can clean up before relaxing in the living space for the evening.

© Jayco Jayco Jay Flight Octane 255
MSRP: $38,975
GVWR: 9,500 lbs.
Sleeps: 4–6
Garage Length: 6 ft. 10 in.
Total Length: 29 ft.
Well known in the RV community, Jayco manufactures a range of toy haulers that includes travel trailers (like this Jay Flight Octane) as well as high-end fifth wheels covered later. The Flight Octane works well for smaller cargo; the garage is one of the smallest in this list at 6 feet 10 inches long, although it is well equipped with a nonskid 3,000-pound capacity ramp, garage vent ports, overhead storage and high-intensity ramp lights.

© Jayco Functional
The living space of the Octane is basic but functional with a double sink, a microwave, a 3-burner stove, an oven and a decent-size refrigerator. A pullout creates a nice master bedroom with queen-size bed and some level of privacy. A full bathroom adds to the Octane’s livability. A couch can be folded up out of the way for additional cargo space.

© Jayco Garage Space
The garage can double as a lounge or bedroom; it has two sofas that can be lowered from the ceiling and folded flat for additional sleeping space. Jayco also offers an optional 40-gallon fueling station to keep powered toys running, and the ramp can be turned into an optional deck as shown above.

© Palomino RV Palomino Puma XLE Lite 27TSB
MSRP: $40,000 (est.)
GVWR: 9,995 lbs.
Sleeps: 4–6
Garage Length: 6 ft. 3 in. / 15.5 ft.
Total Length: 33 ft. 5 in.
Palomino has been building RVs for more than 50 years and currently offers a range of toy haulers in multiple sizes and floorplans. As a midsize travel trailer, the 27TSB provides a thoughtful mix of living and garage spaces, and the design is such that either can be extended into the other. The garage is officially a bit over 6 feet; however, there is room to more than double that length for larger toys. The only caveat — they need to be unloaded upon arrival at a destination.

© Palomino RV Comfortable
The Puma features a slideout master bedroom with a queen bed, closet and built-in shelves. The kitchen offers decent counter space for food prep as well as a large sink, 3-burner stove and spacious 11-cubic-foot refrigerator. Two swivel chairs and foldout couches provide plenty of living space, and the full bathroom with shower is always welcome after a long day of outdoor play with big toys.

© Palomino RV Outdoor Living
While comfortable inside, Puma also provides reason to spend time outside with an electric awning, exterior speakers for the built-in audio system, an outside shower and optional outdoor mini kitchen with small fridge, sink and griddle.

© Grand Design RV Grand Design Momentum 29GO
MSRP: $59,066
GVWR: 12,000 lbs.
Sleeps: 4–6
Garage Length: 11 ft.
Total Length: 35 ft. 11 in.
Grand Design is one of the few toy haulers that offers an open-garage design combined with a luxurious, spacious living area. The 29GO features an 11-foot attached open garage with high side rails and strong anchors tied into the chassis. Also available is an outdoor kitchen situated at the front of the garage, complete with sink, stove, refrigerator and entertainment system. The Momentum can also be equipped with a 30-gallon fueling station.

© Grand Design RV Spacious Style
The interior of the Momentum 29GO features a slideout to expand the living space — large panoramic windows add to the overall open feeling. Stainless steel accented appliances, under-counter and above-cabinet lighting, residential-style countertops and solid hardwood drawer fronts add to the high-end appearance.

© Grand Design RV Sleeping Options
Up front the 29GO has bunk beds and a full bathroom. In the central area a sofa can be folded out into a bed, and a queen-size bed can be lowered from the ceiling for additional sleeping space.

© Cruiser RV Cruiser RV Stryker Toy Hauler ST 3414
MSRP: $65,000 (est.)
GVWR: 12,800 lbs.
Sleeps: 7–8
Garage Length: 14 ft.
Total Length: 38 ft. 9 in.
Cruiser RV offers several toy hauling rigs, the largest and most versatile being the ST 3414. A 14-foot garage provides plenty of space, and the wide body of the Stryker means cargo can be a bit larger. A 30-gallon fuel station is available to keep all motive toys ready to run.

© Cruiser RV Two Bedrooms
With two slideout sections, the Stryker 3414 features two bedrooms: a master suite with a king-size bed and an additional room with a foldout sofa and an integrated desk / entertainment center that also functions as an office or separate lounge. The full bathroom has two doors — one connected directly to the master suite.

© Cruiser RV Full Kitchen
The ST 3414 has a full kitchen that includes a large fridge, oven, and microwave, The range area offers lots of counterspace for easy food prep as well as plenty of storage. The garage space is adjacent to the kitchen. After toys get unloaded, two opposing couches unfold with a dinette table in between for a comfortable eating space. The view out back provides an open-air feeling when the ramp is down. A queen-size bed can be lowered from the ceiling for additional sleeping space.

© Outdoors RV Manufacturing Outdoors RV Trail Series 29TRX
MSRP: $70,000 (est.)
GVWR: 13,995 lbs.
Sleeps: 6
Garage Length: 13 ft. 4 in.
Total Length: 35 ft. 9 in.
With the idea that toys are not only for summer fun, the Outdoors RV Trail Series toy hauler is designed to be enjoyed year-round. No matter what the weather, the interior stays comfy thanks to thermal pane windows, a triple-layered four-season roof, a heated and insulated underbelly, a thermally insulated bedroom vent and extreme heating furnace. The Trail Series is also built to head off the main trail with an off-road suspension package and Armor Guard steel lower fascia.

© Outdoors RV Manufacturing Living Space
Up front, the 29TRX has a master bedroom with a queen-size bed, plenty of storage and direct access to the bathroom, complete with a proper shower stall with glass doors. The bathroom also opens to the main living area. The fully equipped kitchen features residential-height countertops, a deep sink, a microwave and a range with oven.

© Outdoors RV Manufacturing Garage Space
One of the great features of the Trail Series are patio doors that lead out to the rear deck / ramp. These provide a floor-to-ceiling view out back with a screen available to let in air and keep out bugs. (Many folks purchase the Trail Series even if they do not haul toys.) Two folding sofas and tables create a large dinette in the cargo space, with two recliners nicely positioned to view the LED TV in the entertainment center. A queen-size bed lowers from the ceiling for additional sleeping space.

© Dutchmen RV Dutchmen Endurance 3556
MSRP: $72,187
Sleeps: 5–7
Garage Length: 11 ft.
Total Length: 39 ft.
Moving up to a fifth-wheel toy hauler means more space inside. The 11-foot garage can easily handle toys or gear, and the standard 30-gallon fueling station will certainly be handy to keep toys in motion. Three slideouts add even more space to the roomy interior, and the rear ramp is easily turned into a stylish patio.

© Dutchmen RV Multiple Beds
The Endurance 3556 has numerous sleeping options. The master bedroom gets a queen-size bed with nightstands, wardrobe and easy access to a full bathroom with shower. The sofa in the main living space can be converted into a bed, and a single bunk sits above the garage space. When the garage is not in use for hauling toys, two couches can be flip-folded to create a large bed, and an additional bed can be lowered from the ceiling. An additional half bath is located in the garage space — handy for those sleeping at the rear of the unit.

© Dutchmen RV Living Space
The central living space of the 3556 feels like home thanks to a fully equipped kitchen complete with stainless steel appliances, stove top with oven as well as a double sink in the island. An LED TV is centrally located, and a high-end audio system has interior and exterior speakers. In addition to the dinette that sets up in the garage area, a stowable table can be placed in front of the large sofa.

© KZ RVs KZ Venom V-Series V3815TK
MSRP: $82,207
GVWR: 18,000 lbs.
Sleeps: 7–10
Garage Length: 15 ft.
Total Length: 42 ft. 10 in.
This exceptionally large toy hauler from KZ Recreational Vehicles combines a high-end interior with a large 15-foot garage. The Venom can handle up to 4,530 pounds of cargo, so load up the ATV, motorcycles and more for a great adventure away from home. A 30-gallon fueling station keeps everything going, and the exterior door into the garage means no tracking mud through the living room to get to in. The garage also has a half bath as well as washer/dryer plumbing. Overhead storage in the garage is a great place to store the gear, and there’s a large pass through storage space at the front of the trailer.

© KZ RVs Spacious Interior
The master bedroom of the Venom V-Series features an electric-tilt king-size bed as well as a wardrobe and plenty of closet space. Next door is the bathroom with full shower and skylight. Three slideouts mean the main living space is nice and open — a kitchen island with stools and a deep stainless steel sink is a nice touch. The well-equipped kitchen has a large double-door 12-cubic-foot refrigerator as well as a convection microwave, stove and oven.

© KZ RVs Super Sofa
Perhaps the best seat in the house, this “super sofa” easily seats four people. The sofa features reclining seats with heating and massage. Across from the sofa sits a 40 inch fireplace for ambience, as well as a high-end audio system and LED TV above. Additional seating and beds are in the garage space, which also features a 3-season patio wall leading out to the back deck / ramp.

© Winnebago Winnebago Spyder S36GWS
MSRP: $90,000 (est.)
GVWR: 16,000 lbs.
Sleeps: 8–10
Garage Length: 13 ft.
Total Length: 42 ft.
Although Winnebago is best known for building RVs, the company also offers a range of toy haulers. The Spyder fifth wheel is a great option for a large family or crew, with plenty of living areas and a spacious garage for toys. The cold crack-resistant floor is durable, and the 2,500-pound tiedowns ensure nothing breaks loose on the journey. Like many others on this list, the Spyder features a 30-gallon fueling station. When the fun is over, the garage features a half bath for easy cleanup before entering the main living space.

© Winnebago Sleeping, Eating
A private master bedroom is located up three stairs at the front of the S36GWS, and it can be fitted with a queen or king bed. A full bath right outside the master suite features a large shower as well as a skylight. The main level includes a fully equipped U-shape kitchen with plenty of counter space and a large stainless steel sink with a residential-style faucet. A large sofa and dinette as well as an LED TV create a relaxing space. Stained solid hardwood doors and drawers throughout the cabin give this Winnebago a high-end vibe.

© Winnebago Rear Deck
Additional seating and sleeping spaces are found in the Winnebago’s garage area, including sofas that fold down from the trailer sides as well as a queen bed that lowers from the ceiling. At the back, the loading ramp can be converted into a deck with folding rails and a screen door that keeps bugs out of this well-appointed toy hauler.

© Keystone Keystone RV Raptor 427
MSRP: $117,195
GVWR: 19,000
Sleeps: 6
Garage Length: 9 ft.
Total Length: 43 ft. 11 in.
For those who need space for toys but are more concerned with living quarters, Keystone has a different take on the toy hauler. The Raptor 427 has a 9-foot garage — smaller than most haulers of comparable size on this list — but that’s because the garage is below the master bedroom at the rear of the unit. The Raptor still handles up to 3,812 pounds of cargo. However, since the space does not double as a living area, there’s no need to unload immediately upon arrival at a campsite. The garage cannot be accessed from inside, which allows for a much more spacious interior dedicated to comfort.

© Keystone Big Kitchen, Living Room
With the extra interior space and four slideouts, the Raptor 427 has a full separate kitchen up the stairs at the front of the trailer. It has a full-size 18-cubic-foot refrigerator / freezer, a convection microwave, a 3-burner stove with oven, as well as plenty of counter space and storage— including a pantry. Two chairs sit at a counter that overlooks the living room with easy viewing of the 50-inch LED TV and fireplace. The living room has two sleeper sofas as well as comfortable theater seating.

© Keystone Master Suite
The master bedroom of the Raptor 427 sits above the garage at the rear of the hauler and includes a spacious wardrobe, a television and a king-size bed. Adjacent is a full bath with a full-size shower as well as a sink and vanity.

© Jayco Jayco Seismic 4113
MSRP: $121,354
GVWR: 20,695 lbs.
Sleeps: 8–10
Garage Length: 12.5 ft.
Total Length: 45 ft. 7 in.
Jayco makes a wide range of RVs, and the Seismic 4113 is one of their top-shelf fifth wheel toy haulers. Designed for comfort inside and out, the Seismic stands out with a patio off the living room accessible via sliding glass doors. An awning covers the patio, which also features an exterior TV. An additional party deck can be set up on the garage ramp.

© Jayco Feels Like Home
Inside, the Seismic has all the comforts of home including a large reclining sofa with end tables that offers a nice view of the fireplace and 50-inch TV with a JBL home entertainment system. The kitchen is set up as a separate space —a step up from the living room — and features residential appliances including a large 18-cubic-foot refrigerator/freezer. Beyond the kitchen, the master bedroom has a queen-size bed, a wardrobe, nightstands and easy access to the full bathroom that includes a walk-in shower.

© Jayco Garage
It may be luxurious, but the Seismic is still a toy hauler featuring a 3,000-pound capacity ramp with high-intensity LED lighting for loading at night. Multiple tiedowns mounted to the steel frame keep gear from moving in transit. Once the toys are unloaded, sofa flip down and a queen bed can be lowered from the ceiling — a relaxing hangout with the pull-down ramp screen in place. Seismic also features dual 30-gallon fuel tanks — one for the onboard generator, the other for fueling toys.

© Luxe RV Luxe Toy Hauler 48FB
MSRP: $141,179 (options easily exceed $250,000)
GVWR: 25,999 lbs.
Sleeps: 7
Garage Length: 16 ft. 9 in.
Total Length: 48 ft. 2 in.
Perhaps one of the best combinations of cargo carrying and luxury, the Luxe Toy Hauler fifth wheel is constructed for four-season use with thermopane windows and residential fiberglass insulation for the roof, walls and chassis. An Arctic package adds two 35,000 BTU furnaces as well as a heating pad for the water tanks. Three slideouts create a roomy interior, and the 16-foot 9-inch garage is among the largest in the industry.

© Luxe RV Elegant Interior
With hardwood doors, custom hardwood cabinetry and elegant furniture, the Luxe immediately feels like a step above the typical RV. The deluxe kitchen can be equipped with a four-burner range with 30-inch oven, a dishwasher and a full-size 19-cubic-foot refrigerator that runs on gas or electricity. A dinette and L-shaped sofa offer plenty of seating— both great places for viewing the entertainment center. Up the stairs the 48FB has a full bathroom that even has a bathtub / shower, and continuing past the bath reveals the master suite with a king-size bed and an additional television.

© Luxe RV Versatile Garage Space
While the large garage is a great option for carrying all manner of motorized and non-motorized toys, the space also works well as an additional bedroom, craft room or office space. The garage features a separate half bath, power-retractable bunks as well as a loft bunk and plenty of storage. The 5,000-pound ramp functions as a back patio, accessed via sliding glass and screen doors. Th 48FB also has an optional side deck off the garage as well. Both have stairs to the ground and are fenced, making them ideal for furry friends.

© Thor Motor Coach Thor Motor Coach Outlaw Class A Toy Hauler 38KB
MSRP: $230,100
GVWR: 26,000 lbs.
Sleeps: 8–9
Garage Length: 10 ft. 2 in.
Total Length: 39 ft. 9 in.
Most toy haulers are travel trailers or fifth wheels, but Thor Motor Coach offers the Outlaw Class A Toy Hauler. Built on a Ford F-53 chassis, the Outlaw is powered by a 7.3-liter Triton V8 engine producing 350 horsepower and 468 lb-ft of torque.

© Thor Motor Coach Comfortable
With an 80-inch ceiling height, the Outlaw feels quite spacious inside, further enhanced by two large slideouts. A dinette and large sofa provide comfortable places for lounging while watching the 39” TV or waiting for someone to prepare a meal in the fully equipped kitchen. A queen-size overhead bunk drops down above the driver seat. A master bedroom with a tilting king bed and an additional television can be found at the rear, ahead of the garage.

© Thor Motor Coach Garage Space
The garage space is 8 feet x 10 feet 2 inches with a 1,350 pound capacity, easily loaded via the Zero-G dropdown ramp door. The garage has a step-down entry from the living space through a sliding glass door, as well as an exterior door. Two couches can be folded up or down, and there’s additional sleeping space in a sky bunk. The ramp also doubles as a deck.

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