The Genesis G90 is making other car manufacturers uncomfortable

​I’m tanning myself with sunglasses while on the beaches of Miami, to look at the brand-new Genesis flagship. The G90. It’s stunning on the outside with a lot of really cool technology, but the inside is not only a place to drive the vehicle, it’s also a place to relax and partake in some of the latest technology in the Auto industry.

The company’s Flagship car signals the design and technology that is coming for the rest of the brand in the future, but this flagship looks more like a concept. Now, quite often you see really narrow small headlights on concept cars. You don’t quite often see headlights like this come to the market, and This is an exception.

I’ve measured these ​​and I can’t find a single car on the market today with such narrow headlights or headlights that are quite so cool as the one on this G90.

Now just like the front the back end of the G90 is quite important as well.

All the lines come together to give you an optical illusion of stringing the whole back together to give it a wider more planted stance.

You look at the 12.3-inch gauge cluster. You look at the 12.3-inch infotainment screen. This thing is a melding of high technology and information along with absolute comfort and tranquility, but with all the world’s information at your fingertips.

At night the interior is part spa meets sanctuary with a relaxing workspace made to be driven or ridden in, the air suspension and rear wheel steering allow the G90 to Glide.

The car’s power as well with either a twin turbo or a twin turbo and supercharger, when it comes to luxury, the Koreans have been doing it a lot longer than the Germans

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