The 63rd Annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

​Fort Lauderdale is the Yachting Capital of the world, and for the state of Florida, the Marine Industry reports an annual economic impact of more than 1.79 billion dollars. Over the course of the five-day show, transactions will break a record this year, north of 800 million dollars.

This year’s show was packed with news and electric again being one of the topics of the show. Less than 30 pounds, the Torqeedo outboard electric motor is meant for inflatable boats with a top speed of 6 miles per hour. The U.S. Special Forces use the motor because it’s less than 30 pounds (easy to transport), and the electric batteries are interchangeable. The quietness allows it to be stealthy. Starting price is north of $2000. Vision Marine launched the V32 which is means for pontoons and pleasure craft boats. Speeds near 45 to 50 mph with a total cruise time of 1.5 hours at a planning speed of around 24 mph. On the opposite side of the electric, Suzuki launched its all-new DF 350 AMD outboard motor.

Multiple yachts debuted as well at this year’s show. Riviera showed off the all-new Riviera 78. 78 being the length of the boat, this yacht comes in at 5.6 million and is ultra luxurious. Sailfish debuted an all-new sport fishing center console called the Sailfish 312. What makes this boat different than many other center consoles is the floorboard height is 30” high. This provides better leverage for fishing and safety for family and friends. The price of the Sailfish 312 starts at just under $300,000.

The highlight of the show was the Heesen Ocean Z. This 163’ super yacht has three main decks, including a 4th deck called the Beach Club. It comes with multiple entertainment areas, a hot tub up front, and multiple staterooms, but the performance is what sets it apart. The Ocean Z has a range of 4500 nautical miles. Price tag: 50 Million.

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