Infiniti QX60 Monograph Teases New SUV Design

© Nissan North AmericaInfiniti QX60 Monograph
Today Infiniti provided a first look at the next-generation QX60 via a virtual reveal of the elegant QX60 Monograph. Presented digitally to the world from Infiniti’s new headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, the QX60 Monograph represents a more premium SUV design, and its style and proportions provide clear indicators about the next QX60 that arrives in 2021.

  Important to the Brand
“The QX60 is a very important vehicle to INFINITI — one of the first truly global products our brand, and we have sold more than 400,000 units worldwide since its introduction. Today, we give you a sneak peek into the direction our designers are taking the future QX60,” said Infiniti Chairman Peyman Kargar.

© Nissan North AmericaSame Functionality
With three rows and seating for up to seven occupants, the QX60 remains a popular choice for families seeking a premium SUV experience. Infiniti designers intended to keep this functionality while wrapping it in a more aerodynamic, bold package embodied by the QX60 Monograph.

© Nissan North AmericaTransforming the QX60
“In crafting this Monograph, we wanted to change the tonality of the QX60 and transform the nameplate from a sculptural and architectural point of view,” said Nissan’s Senior Vice President of Global Design Alfonso Albaisa. “We raised the visual center of gravity, giving it a strong, straight shoulder line that carries through to the hood, with a higher, more prominent grille, and longer-looking cabin to deliver a sense of muscularity and a commanding presence,” exclaimed Albaisa.

© Nissan North AmericaWhy Monograph?
Infiniti refers to the Monograph as more than a design study or concept, instead claiming it “provides a tangible insight into how Infiniti plans to transform a future model.”

© Nissan North AmericaSignature Grille
The Monograph’s signature Infiniti grille features a mesh pattern — inspired by Japanese origami — that appears three-dimensional. Side air intakes at the edges of the bumper echo the same mesh design.

© Nissan North AmericaWide Stance
The QX60 Monograph has a wide stance with muscular wheel arches.

© Nissan North AmericaSweeping Lines
The profile of the QX60 Monograph showcases a strong hood and sweeping roofline ending at a rear spoiler, giving the SUV a sporty look.

© Nissan North AmericaUnique Wheels
Large alloy wheels feature the embossed Infiniti name and logo.

© Nissan North AmericaPlatinum Paint
“The platinum paint on the QX60 Monograph projects a sense of warmth. The highly reflective nature mimics the qualities of liquid metal, allowing the surface of the body to capture the shadows and lights of the environment in which it is displayed creating a sense of dynamism,” said Taisuke Nakamura, senior design director of Infiniti Global Design at Nissan.

© Nissan North AmericaContrasting Roof
The black roof contrasts yet complements the lighter platinum exterior paint, a combination designed for dramatic effect.

© Nissan North AmericaRear View
The wide body of the Infiniti QX60 Monograph gets further emphasis from taillights that span the liftgate.

© Nissan North America New Yet Familiar
The grille of the QX60 Monograph is all new yet still recognizable as an Infiniti.

© Nissan North AmericaLight-up Logo
Large Infiniti logo lights up for a unique appearance.

© Nissan North AmericaHood Lines
The smooth hood lines and the Platinum paint lend an air of sophistication.

© Nissan North AmericaStrong Silhouette 
Sculpted sides flow into the strong rear fenders.

© Nissan North AmericaSporty Styling
A sharp rear spoiler adds a level of sportiness to the QX60 Monograph.

© Nissan North AmericaRear Lights
LED taillights contribute to the Monograph’s wide look.

© Nissan North AmericaSignature Running LIghts
Expressive headlights with unique running lights.

© Nissan North AmericaWraparound Taillights 
Taillights wrap around the fenders.

© Nissan North AmericaReady for Production?
The production QX60 should look similar to the Monograph.

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