“Hot” Wheels: Most Stolen Cars in the U.S.

These are the 10 most stolen cars in the United States. See if your car is one of them!

© Colourbox America’s Most Wanted — By Car Thieves

The National Insurance Crime Bureau recently released its annual findings on the most stolen cars in America. The “Hot Wheels” report analyzes vehicle theft data submitted to the National Crime Information Center by law enforcement agencies around the country. According to the NICB, thieves stole a reported 749,019 vehicles in 2019 — a significant drop for the third consecutive year. Despite the drop, a pickup truck takes the dubious honor as the most purloined vehicle in the U.S. Here’s a closer look at the 10 most stolen cars during the calendar year 2019, as well as the most commonly stolen model year for each one.

© American Honda Motors 10. Honda CR-V
10,094 stolen in 2019
Most stolen model year: 2001
Although crossovers currently dominate the U.S. market among new-car shoppers, Honda’s CR-V has the distinction of being the only crossover on the NICB’s list of most stolen vehicles. Introduced in 1997, the CR-V eventually became the best-selling model in Honda’s lineup; the fifth-generation CR-V offers a spacious, usable interior and a range of powertrains including a new hybrid. Apparently car thieves are more interested in the CRV’s earlier versions — the most stolen model year hails from the CR-Vs first generation.

2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid Touring AWD Test Drive

© General Motors 9. GMC Pickup (Full Size)
11,164 stolen in 2019
Most stolen model year: 2018
Call it a simple law of averages — the more copies of a vehicle that exist in public, the more likely it will be stolen. The GMC full-size pickup — also known as the Sierra — has experienced impressive sales over the last few years, and that translates into popularity among thieves. Thanks to those high numbers, a plethora of Sierra configurations are available to nefarious individuals, including many choices of body styles, drivetrains, features, and variants such as the luxurious Sierra Denali.

2017 GMC Sierra Denali Test Drive

© FCA US 8. Dodge Pickup (Full Size)
11,292 stolen in 2019
Most stolen model year: 2001
The third-most-popular truck among thieves, Dodge pickups have continued to gain favor over time. In 2002 Dodge introduced its first redesigned pickup in eight years with bold styling that laid the foundation for what we now see on the road. However, the previous generation — selling around 400,000 units each year — created the pool that truck thieves are dipping into the most today. The current-generation Ram will likely start experiencing increased thefts, since the big truck’s sales are now regularly surpassing 400,000 units per year.

© Toyota Motor Sales USA 7. Toyota Corolla
12,137 stolen in 2019
Most stolen model year: 2018
The Corolla is a perennial favorite among those who don’t pay for their cars. Toyota claims more than 40 million Corollas have been sold since its introduction in 1966. Sales have steadily increased over the last several years, making Corolla one of the best-selling compact cars in the U.S. The Corolla’s ubiquity means plenty are available for thieves to get their hands on, and it also creates considerable demand for parts.

© Nissan North America 6. Nissan Altima
13,355 stolen in 2019
Most stolen model year: 2015
Even as crossovers increase in popularity, the Nissan Altima remains one of the best-selling passenger cars in America, which in turn offers plenty of opportunity for car thieves. Redesigned a few years earlier, the Altima had one of its best-ever sales years in 2015. An interesting side note: The 2015 Altima also topped the charts as one of the most stolen models in 2016.

© Toyota Motor Sales, USA 5. Toyota Camry
15,656 stolen in 2019
Most stolen model year: 2007
Commanding the title of best-selling passenger car in America for more than 15 years, the Camry’s roomy interior and fuel-efficient, reliable engines ensure this Toyota sells in huge numbers annually. The 2007 model year introduced the sixth generation of the popular sedan, and with significant improvements and more power the Camry sold in greater numbers in 2007 than it had ever before — or since. This helps explain why the 2007 model is also the most popular Camry among car thieves.

© American Honda Motors 4. Honda Accord
30,745 stolen in 2019
Most stolen model year: 1997
After years sitting atop this list of most stolen cars in the United States, the Honda Accord is no longer the darling model among thieves. However, the numbers remain quite high — a direct result of Accord’s popularity with drivers everywhere as economical, reliable transportation that retains its resale value. And the sheer number of Accords on the road provides thieves with easy choices and access. Honda introduced smartkeys for Accord in 1998, so most of the stolen models come from years prior. Since the inception of smartkeys, the number of Accords stolen each year has dropped considerably.

© General Motors 3. Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)
32,583 stolen in 2019
Most stolen model year: 2004
The full-size Chevy Silverado is another popular choice among truck-jackers. Although the 2004 model year seems to be the most sought after, Silverado was basically unchanged from 2003 to 2007 and thus the number of stolen Chevy trucks has remained consistent for those model years. Available with a variety of engines and configurations, Silverado sales have been on the rise, which may result in increased thefts in years to come.

© American Honda Motors 2. Honda Civic
33,220 stolen in 2019
Most stolen model year: 2000
Although it remains one of the most ubiquitous compact cars in America, the Honda Civic is no longer the most popular target among U.S. car thieves. The model started its life as a subcompact and has grown in size over the years; however, it’s those original, smaller models that remain big targets among car boosters. Most purloined Civics are from model years 2000 and prior, before smartkeys became prevalent. This underscores the effectiveness of the modern keys, since Civic has keeps pace as one of the best-selling cars in America.

2020 Honda Civic Type-R Touring Test Drive

© Ford Motor Company 1. Ford Pickup (Full Size)
38,938 stolen in 2019
Most stolen model year: 2006
Not only are Ford F-Series trucks the best-selling vehicles in America, but they are now the most popular in the nation among car thieves. With so many Ford trucks on the road — the company commonly sells more than 700,000 per year — it’s no surprise seeing the F-Series consistently near the top of the most stolen cars list year after year. In 2005 Ford sold more than 900,000 full-size pickups, creating a plethora of new models to pilfer in 2006.

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