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We are an automotive review site to help educate consumers and vehicle enthusiasts.  The content is specifically designed to provide in-market buyers with the type of information they desire before making vehicle purchase decisions.

We consider our job here at Our Auto Expert is to tell the consumer in simple terms what it’s like to drive the latest models. We drive many different vehicles and we take very detailed notes on all of them. Our main goal is to help the consumer find the right car that fits their specific needs.

We also offer the latest automotive news for all you automotive enthusiasts to stay up to date with your favorite car manufacturer.

Please feel free to make any comments on any of our articles, we answer everyone, and want input from you also to educate us with something that we may have overlooked.

Thanks for visiting Our Auto Expert and we hope you enjoy our site.





Nik has been a staple of the American broadcasting scene since the early 90s. Nik Is best known nationally for his Fox Sports and NBC Sports, TV show and locally for his Morning show segments on 50 local stations. Nik also has a daily Radio News segments that reach a million Americans every day. With 32 years experience as a radio and TV host and 14 years as an automotive journalist, Nik has a witty and informative automotive perspective. Nik got his start in Radio as the #1 Portland and Seattle afternoon show. Nik was an early adopter of digital media and has been part of the YouTube landscape since 2006.

Born in England, Nik has worked for the BBC, Tribune Broadcasting, CBS, Entercom, and many more major broadcast network companies. Nik has five dogs, Porsche, Samwise, Joey, Bhel, and Arwen and has spent many years rescuing animals in need. Nik spends any free time he has at his house in Portland Oregon, Riding his Motorcycles and working will local charitable organizations. Whenever Nik appears on TV he wears Union Jack socks. This is his tribute to his homeland.



Mike is Nationally recognized on-air TV personality that provides expert commentary on a variety of topics facing the nation. From general news to politics, Mike’s bread and butter spans the greater transportation industry with a focus on automotive and motorcycles. However, Mike’s rich background in current events and politics as a private sector business owner makes his a great voice for the middle class providing key insight to media outlets as well.   

Although not Mike’s original career path, he fell in to TV by simple luck and for the past 12 years he’s been featured on TV news stations nationwide. He considers Fox News Channel to be a “home” channel where Mike makes routine trips to NYC to share with America’s #1 cable morning show, Fox & Friends, all the great things happening in the auto industry. Mike is also a host and featured talent provider for High Impact Television and their nationally recognized Satellite Media Tour programming. Mike can also be seen on Fox Sports as well as an on-air personality covering major events and tradeshows across the nation. Mike is also a key member and partner of an automotive industry insider website called OurAutoExpert.



Perry started his automotive career almost 30 years ago as an advisor at a vehicle consulting firm, helping customers to decide on which vehicles to buy and then helping them through the purchase process.  Always a car enthusiast, Perry went on to be one the original staff members of CarPoint, Microsoft’s automotive Web site that launched in late 1995. In 2002 Perry became editor of the site that is now known as MSN Autos. Perry left Microsoft in 2014, starting his own production company Automotive Content Experience with two long-time colleagues and shortly after launched AutoNXT.net. Perry drives almost every new car on the market, ranging from base-level Kias to exotic high-performance Lamborghinis and attends major auto shows around the world. And he’s still a car nut.



Arv Voss is a Northern California based freelance motoring Journalist and member and past officer of several noted Automotive Journalist organizations who contributes regularly to a number of national and international media outlets. He reviews not only cars, trucks and SUVs, but motorcycles as well.

a2015 Land Rover - Bill & Barb - Gov. Mans


Bill and Barbara Schaffer have been reviewing new cars for more than 27 years. It all started when Bill was looking for an automotive column for the twice-weekly newspaper he was managing in Central Oregon. He didn’t find what he was looking for so Barbara said, “Why don’t you write one?”

Soon they were both writing, and they currently do two new car reviews each week.

As one of the few husband wife teams writing about cars in this country, their stories offer a fresh prospective from two points of view. They don’t write to show readers how much they know or tell them how fast they can drive, rather their stories give an honest impression of what each of the vehicles is like to drive and what they like about it or don’t like.

Barbara has been to new car introductions in every state but Kansas. Bill’s most memorable trips include a Land Rover drive in Iceland and a Volvo drive from Anchorage, Alaska to Prudhoe Bay in December.

The Schaffers live in Washougal, Wash., overlooking the Columbia River. They are just minutes from all the challenging and scenic roads in and around the famous Columbia River Gorge.

With automotive writing as their only job, since Bill retired, they try to travel as much as possible. That usually includes several road trips a year -- memorable recent road trips included a drive from Canada to Mexico along the west coast in a Chevrolet Cruise diesel and a December cross country trip from California to Virginia along the southern border of the country.

Cruising is a recent passion for the Schaffer’s and they will make their 22nd cruise by the end of 2018. Among the six cruises scheduled for 2018 is one to Russia and another through the Panama Canal. Last year they were on one of the first cruises to Cuba.

The Schaffer’s auto reviews also run in a group of newspapers in Wisconsin.