2013 SRT Viper

Its back after a short absence, but it was missed while it was gone. On its return Chrysler made some much needed changes to the all new 2013 viper. The SRT Viper retains its crown as the company’s flag ship. This generation of the viper includes more power, more performance, some must needed craftsmanship improvements, new technologies, and creature comforts that where previously missing from the last generation.

Absolute biggest frustration about the viper is a;ways reading about how scary it is, its really been the folklore of the vehicle since its came on the scene. It was hard to drive, it was scary, it was intimidating, it was tricky, its kind of been an on and off switch. What we’re trying to do is debunk that myth, I think the new car really takes care of that. So far people who have experienced that can back that up,the car really was designed to become a drivers car, be accessible, have a lot of depth and reward, have a great driver and also welcome a new driver. Some one who really bought it on its looks and wants to experience it. The car really has a new found personality with out losing any of that venom it had before.

Powered by an all aluminum 8.4 liter mid-front V10 engine The viper delivers 640 HP and a top speed of 206 MPH. If thats not enough the track package steps up handling improvements while dropping some weight for better road and track control.

The interior was really designed to be a cockpit, as it always has been a very driver oriented design, but this time around we approached it with a very true hand made low volume product, in the past we used a lot of mass production processes, which wouldn’t allow us to get the fit that we wanted. This time around there was no excuses, we really went after absolute, exquisite fit and finish, great materials, the leather is always leather, the entire interior is hand stitched and wrapped, so it gives a very, very custom finish. On the GTS the entire interior is leather, you can even have the option to go to a premium leather.

Check your dealer for purchase options!!!!!

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